Welcome to the This is the site for the Trafficmeter source.

The latest stable version of the Trafficmeter is: 2.4.6 ( 2.4.6.tar.bz2 ) 2014-11-16
The previous stable version of the Trafficmeter is: 2.4.5 ( 2.4.5.tar.bz2 ) 2014-09-07

What is Trafficmeter?

Trafficmeter is a network traffic volume logging system to count incoming and outgoing traffic volume (i.e. total number of bytes) through your network devices. It is highly configurable as to what kind of traffic is counted and can log total traffic, traffic for individual services to and from specific ports, and/or traffic to and from specific hosts, domains, IP-addresses, or groups of ports and addresses. It collects Level2 and Level3 traffic and gives statistics by MAC-address or IP-address. It can work with trunk ports and handle 802.1q tagged traffic.

Trafficmeter statistics can be displayed to the console in plain formatted ascii using the command-line utility.

Trafficmeter is licensed under the GPL.

Software Requirements


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